Simplifying building process by using one producer

Jānis Zaharāns, Project Development Manager, Ruukki Latvia
Apr 22, 2018

Having had the opportunity to work with architects, I believe that selecting all façade components from one producer is always easier for an architect than using special, complicated solutions from many producers. By selecting one producer architects don’t need to take such big responsibility over so many things. It’s easier to select one company as a partner, and utilise all the experience and knowledge that they have. By using ready-made solutions in a project, the architect is able to avoid mistakes, and create better project documentation, and also improve the quality of the final building.

In Ruukki we work together with the architect and the constructor during the project development phase. If needed, we also talk with the client or investor about the benefits and what is the best solution to fulfil their needs. If the architect and the investor have clear guidelines or solutions at the start of the process, it will help in project development phase, in building construction phase, and it will help in making the project budgeting phase.

I’ve also experienced that architects like integrated system solution ideas, because a system solution is easier for a building process. Architects have more freedom for playing with their ideas, and they can concentrate on architecture. Investors are able to estimate correct costs of facade materials, and building users are able to contact one company that offers service if needed.

Playing with dimensions in big scale

Shopping mall “DAMME” with its 15 000 m2 area is the biggest mall in Riga city’s Imanta area in Latvia. The building is well located, and the main facade is on the Kurzemes street side, so the facade looks and solution are very important for them to attract clients. The architect’s idea to add more dimensions and shapes for such a long facade (~125 m) works, and mixed grey/red colour elements look modern and give a unique effect for the building. Free perforation and backlight attract attention, so this innovative solution is very good for a commercial type of building.

Ruukki emotion is a ready-made complete facade solution, where all wall components are a system – wall construction (sandwich panels) + LED studs + perforated claddings (Liberta, Lamella, Design profiles). All LED power and control accessories are also included in system.

A clear vision about a project, a ready-made solution and good construction quality are the foundation for improving public space. 

I hope this project will inspire others architects to play with dimensions even more.


Jānis Zaharāns
Project Development Manager, Building Components, RuukkiLatvia

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