Sustainable offering

We can help our customers in improving energy efficiency, utilising renewable energy, reducing embodied carbon, using property certification systems and managing chemical composition in building products. In short, we do everything we can to help our customers build more sustainable buildings.

Energy consumption in the use of buildings

Our envelope solutions have been developed to provide extreme energy efficiency cost effectively. Ruukki's unique energy panel concept uses dynamic simulation tools to help our customers find the optimum balance between investment costs and energy efficiency through heat resistance and the air-tightness of envelope structures.

Embodied energy in structures 

In response, we provide structural optimisation of our service in relation to frame and bridge structure deliveries. The service often reduces the amount of embodied energy in structures and lowers material costs. Using higher strength steels in suitable parts can significantly reduce the amount of embodied energy in steel structures.

Our life panel takes another approach to the same issue by using as much recycled material as possible in the production of the panels. This reduces the amount of non-renewable materials used in its production by up to 85% and energy by up to 40 % compared to traditional panels. 

Reducing the impacts of buildings on the environment through LEED and BREEAM systems

Environmental certification systems, LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), have been created to support the building of environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings. 

Because construction products cannot earn the points on their own we offer relevant product data and instructions on how our solutions can help our customers achieve high ratings.

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Chemical composition

Are you looking for sustainable building materials? Something that is also offering increased material performance?


Patented BT coating technology

In many of our products we use GreenCoat colour coated steel. GreenCoat is Bio-based Technology (BT) coating where a substantial portion of traditional fossil oil is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil. GreenCoat products are highly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation as well as scratches. They provide builders with a lightweight material that is easy to work with even down to -15°C.

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We monitor the SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) list continuously and will notify customers of SVHC compounds in our products where required. Our main products are covered by environmental product declarations (EPD) in which chemical data is listed by ingredient.

Should you have any questions concerning Ruukki and the REACH Regulation, please contact your local salesperson.

Environmental product declarations

Ruukki’s environmental product declarations demonstrate the environmental benefits of using Ruukki’s products.