More music at thanks to a new façade by Ruukki

Jun 03, 2019

Music evokes emotions. definitely knows something about that since they have been helping musicians in the Czech Republic to hit the right note for nearly 20 years. is a retailer of musical instruments and has the largest stock in the Czech Republic as well as operations in another six countries.

The company wanted to expand and they needed more suitable premises. In 2018, they renovated a building in Modřany, a suburb about 5 kilometres to the south of the centre of Prague. The renovated building comprises a generous 1,300 sq m of space featuring plenty of musical instruments, several rehearsal rooms and a café for its customers.

Eye-catching façade – the icing on the cake

The renovation project included a façade renovation. Today, opposite the racecourse, on the other side of the river Vlatava, is’s eye-catching building with its red façade.

“We had originally chosen another supplier long before, but it eventually turned out that they were unable to deliver the façade in the colour we wanted within the deadline we had. That is why Subcore, the lead contractor, suggested Ruukki,” is how Tomas Novak, Technical Manager of, describes the situation.

Ruukki was contacted at the last minute with a request for the express delivery of material and project work, including all the details. Despite  the short time-frame all went well thanks to perfect coordination and communication by all parties, and the quick decision of the investor. Not only was the project completed within the deadline, but the project outcome was really worth it.

Impressive appearance right on time

So how was the façade made? The ambition was clear - the façade needed to attract attention at first sight and to reflect what customers can find inside – not only the same brand colour, but also energy and playfulness. That is why Ruukki delivered façade cladding in the form of Liberta Original 102, the colour of which could be changed into the desired hue.

“Our vision of a contemporary new steel façade was completely fulfilled. We are more than satisfied with the result. The deadlines and the hue were both on target. Ruukki provided excellent formatting for the mounting – flawless cooperation,” says Tomas Novak.

Ruukki used 3D visualisation for this project to make everything fit perfectly and to prevent any faults. Visualisation also enabled customer to see how the building would look in real-life, including all the details.

“All 3D-models are created using BIM technology in the Autodesk Revit programme. We have been using this method to the great advantage of our customers for more than five years,” adds Martin Vales, Technical Manager from Ruukki Czech Republic.’s building is adorned with a ventilated steel façade. Individual cassettes are produced to provide maximum strength with hidden, embedded or visible fastening. A cassette system is easy and quick to install, which was ideal for this type of project. The building is the result of everyone who put their effort to this project and managed to create such an impressive, stylish and functional façade in just a few weeks to a very tight deadline.

“When we are planning to extend part of the building for the storage area in the future, Ruukki will be our partner of choice,” concludes Tomas Novak at

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