Lithuanian healthcare company Armila invests in quality premises

Apr 04, 2019

In late 2018, the Lithuanian company Armila moved into new office and pharmaceutical warehouse premises about 13 kilometres outside the centre of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. The new building is home to the head office and a logistics centre. Armila UAB is a pharmaceuticals and healthcare products distributor and subsidiary of the international Walgreens Boots Alliance company.

“We needed more space to be able to grow our existing business and to expand activities into a new service. Several pharmaceutical companies have outsourced their entire wholesale operations in the Baltics to us,” says Armila’s CEO Remigijus Mielinis.

Strictly regulated sector

Nothing is left to chance in the pharmaceuticals sector. The safety of medicines steers our entire operation and also impacted the design of Armila’s new building. Medications have specific storage requirements, including controlled room temperature and refrigerated temperature. The logistics hall must be kept at a temperature of 15°C - 25°C at all times, for example. Medicines requiring cold storage should be kept in a separate area where the temperature range is 2°C - 8°C. Combustible and narcotic substances have their own requirements and thus a separate storage area.

Armila’s new building has been designed to meet TAPA standards, which ensure secure product storage, transport and distribution chain. This is one reason why a fixed fireproof partition wall rather than a glass wall had to be built between the logistics hall and the office.

“Design of the building also focused on rational functions, whether this involved medicine collecting routes or the location of the office premises vis à vis each other. The design process took more than four months,” said Remigijus Mielinis.

The appearance of the building was in line with the visual guidelines from headquarters in London.

Building featuring quality products to meet criteria

Airtightness tests of the new logistics hall give a result of < 0.21. Ruukki supplied the energy panels for the walls of the building and the load-bearing roof structures. Povilas Korsakas, director of Construction One, which was responsible for the building’s design and construction, says that Ruukki panels and load-bearing structures lent themselves to the purpose and complied with tough criteria.

“Ruukki’s products enabled us to meet the energy performance requirement. They also enable a steady temperature inside the building, are support structures and meet fire safety requirements,” adds Povilas Korsakas.

Good end result with a bonus

Both Armila’s CEO Remigijus Mielinis and the building’s project manager Povilas Korsakas think that Ruukki carried out its part very successfully.

“Ruukki’s success comes down to the combination of good products and good service,” notes CEO Remigijus Mielinis.

“Ruukki provided us with good technical support and a detailed plan of how the panels were to be placed on the walls,” Povilas Korsakas adds.

Completion of the new premises on the main A14 road also improved Armila’s renown as a company. Remigijus Mielinis says: “People have noticed us here and an impressive office has made it easier for us to recruit, for example. A record number of qualified people applied for our vacancy for a bookkeeper. We could never have imagined at the design stage that our new premises would have this type of impact. ”

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