Track snow loads with Ruukki Roof Sensor!

Mar 05, 2019

Ruukki is launching a new roof sensor system that monitors the amount of snow on roofs and sends an alert when the snow needs to be cleared. By clearing snow from your roof at the right time, you increase safety and save money, since you only clear snow when there is a real need for it.

Excessive snow load on roofs is a well-known safety risk. To keep people safe in public places and to keep real estate owners and managers updated on the need for snow removal and suitable weather for it, Ruukki is launching a unique roof sensor system that provides information about changes in real time.

For example, it is more important to know the weight of snow than the thickness of the snow cover, which can be difficult to calculate manually. The system is based on tracking the snow load on the roof. The Ruukki Roof Sensor system is especially useful on large roof surfaces that usually get uneven mounds of snow.

This is how it works: The system has two snow load gauges and a radio box, mounted underneath the roof. The sensors are situated at strategically chosen places where snow usually builds up on the roof. The builder defines the location. The sensors continuously measure the load and use a temperature compensator.

Cables connect the sensors the radio box, which functions as a data source. The property owner receives an alert when a pre-set snow volume limit is reached. The alert is given in three different ways. First, the sensor’s warning light begins to blink when the weight limit is reached. The user can also get information on his/her mobile phone via WiFi, or online.

In addition to increased safety, Ruukki Roof Sensor also delivers savings in property maintenance, as it ensures that snow is not cleared from roofs without good reason for it – which often occurs when the weight of the snow is unknown, but one wants to play it safe.

Roof Sensor is Ruukki’s first sensor technology-based system, and can be installed on all buildings that have load-bearing steel roofs from Ruukki.

Ruukki takes care of delivering the Ruukki Roof Sensor system, which is installed the same way in both new and existing buildings.

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