Ruukki façade restored the original appearance of Venstres hus in Oslo

Jan 24, 2019

In 2018, Venstres hus on Youngstorget square in the Norwegian capital Oslo was given a new façade. The old façade had seen better days and the building was in need of a facelift. Besides new façade cladding, all the windows in the building were replaced.

“In fact the building regained its original appearance since the original façade had been painted a light colour in the 1980s. The cladding is now dark and behind it a 20-cm layer of insulation material was installed to improve the building’s energy performance. This makes Venstres hus a passive energy building with very low energy requirement,” explains Nils Gunnar Dietz, general manager of the building.

“To help save the climate, nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. This is one of our contributions."

Venstres hus is one of the first buildings from the 1950s in Norway to have been renovated into a passive energy building. The building was completed in 1954 and serves as the headquarters of the Liberal (Venstre) party, the oldest party in Norway. The building is owned by Venstre AS, which lets nine floors in the building, which is a workplace for around 150 people.

The building was given a black aluminium façade using sinus profiles typically used in roofs. The façade now installed was not an off-the-peg product but made especially for this particular building in keeping with the wishes of Oslo Municipality Cultural Heritage Office. The profiles came from the factory made-to-measure and ready to install in exactly the right place.

“I’m really pleased with Ruukki’s product and above all with the personal service. This clinched the order for Ruukki. The result is exactly the same type of façade that the building originally had when it was first completed. Ruukki’s product and service met our expectations 100%,” says Nils Gunnar Dietz.

Besides good service, he is also pleased that the project was so successfully completed.

“I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about the new façade. Comments suggest that the building adds to the character of Youngstorget square in Oslo.”


Ruukki’s delivery:

Façade profiles, aluminium, around 600 m2


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