Eeden shopping centre in Tartu looks good also in the dark

Jun 26, 2019

Eeden shopping and leisure centre is highly popular with Tartu residents, was the proclamation in Tartu City Hall on 14 March. The city of Tartu had held a people’s vote in which citizens could choose their favourite building out of those completed in 2018. Eeden won the “expanded and renovated buildings” category. Ruukki delivered the gold-coloured, perforated façade and sandwich panels, design profiles and load-bearing roofing sheets for the building.

Eeden was built in the early 2000s and is about 3 km to the southeast of the heart of Tartu. The shopping centre was originally a Coop Konsum grocery store, alongside which a shopping centre was built in the early 2000s.

Following renovation in 2018, Eeden has 74 tenants and a floor area of more than 25,000 square metres.

“We renovated the existing shopping centre, built the extension to Eeden and also built a brand new 3 level car park. The building’s façade, too, was given an overhaul. All in all, this was a highly successful project,” says the Head of Construction and Maintenance Margus Tuuling from AS Eedeni Keskus.

Updated in line with local needs

“We renovated and expanded Eeden because more space was needed for new services including an entertainment centre with a dining area and a cinema,  as well as premises for a veterinary surgeon and a dog grooming salon,” explains Margus Tuuling.

 Renewed Eeden was developed on the basis of a customer surveys to find out what shops and services customers in the area needed. For example, since there are many families with children in the area, Eeden is also a home to an indoor playground.

“Besides which, we had to give Eeden a facelift to bring it up to date. Now it is in line with the pace and everyday life of local residents,” Tuuling adds.

The facade gives Eeden added value

“Eeden is a fairly large building in the area and we wanted it to please the eye. We created a gem of a façade, which also looks great in the dark, which we in the north have more than our fair share of,” explains Margus Tuuling.

The façade on the northeast and east side of the building is the jewel in Eeden’s crown. Its façade lamellas have been perforated to depict the Garden of Eden with its palm trees and exotic life. Since there are lights behind the façade cladding, the figures are also visible at night.

“We chose the new façade from the many options that were initially on offer. Ruukki is a leading actor in that business and also a reliable one. That is why we decided with the builder to choose them to partner with us in the project,” explains Margus Tuuling.

In addition to impressive façade lamellas, Ruukki also delivered the sandwich panels used in the walls, the load-bearing sheets used in the roof and the design profiles used in the façades at the western and southern ends of the building.

Multilevel planning

The renovation of Eeden called for complex planning. As both customers and entrepreneurs alike needed to be kept happy, Eeden remained open throughout the renovation process. There was also a practical element involved in implementing the impressive artistic façade. The size of the holes in the perforation had to be designed not to be large enough to fit a hand in them. Through that it was avoided that people interested putting their hand through the wholes would accidentally injure themselves.

Initially, the golden colour of the façade was also a discussion point. Patterned and golden coloured façades are not exactly a common sight. Choosing the right colour was a complex and time-consuming process since many aspects needed to be considered before making the decision. Margus Tuuling says that they chose a special colour even though it meant that the project ultimately got off to a slower start than normal. Nevertheless, the project was completed to schedule.

“All in all we are very happy with the choices made concerning the colour solution,” states Tuuling and adds:

“We’re currently pleased with the whole project and the looks achieved. So, it seems, are the people of Tartu as well.”

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