Mariahallen in Helsingborg - a landmark reflecting its users

May 27, 2019

In May 2019, the district of Mariastad in the Swedish city of Helsingborg will have a new sports centre. Over the past 15-20 years, the district of Mariastad has undergone major development. The area has gained a railway station and the amenities will shortly include a sports centre.

The sports centre will have a hall for ball games and a gymnastics hall. On the second floor there are youth facilities for the arrangement of events and gatherings. The building project, which began in 2018, was ordered by the City of Helsingborg and architect Henrik Troedson from Sweco Architects was responsible for the design.

The sports centre enjoys a central location and the building’s façade is visible from all directions. This meant the building needed to blend in with the environment and its appearance to fit in for decades to come.

No boxes in such a prominent place

The City of Helsingborg’s criterion for the sports centre was that it was not to be a boring box. Architect Henrik Troedson says that the design took into account the actual users of the building, in other words children and young people. The building was given a dominant appearance both in terms of colour and shape. Both brick and steel cladding have been used in the façade. Buildings in Mariastad are usually brick-lined.

“The building has many faces. It’s at its most impressive in the evening, when the lights are lit behind the steel rainscreen panels and the turquoise of the panels shines behind the perforated steel panels. During the day, the panel patterns create different looks depending from where you look at the building,” explains Henrik Troedson.

There is no single source of inspiration, the idea behind the pattern comes from many different sources and has evolved during the planning process. The same pattern is repeated in the acoustics panels inside the building.

”Nearly all new buildings evoke feelings. The same will probably be true in this case as well. It’s very hard to judge buildings straightaway, they first need to find their place in the landscape,” says Henrik Troedson.

Energy efficiency required

The facilities needed in the sports centre, building regulations and the size of the plot provided an operative framework for the design.

The City of Helsingborg required the building to have a sports hall for teaching. The plot was large enough to build a hall for group gymnastics next to it. The customer also had another requirement, this time from the environmental aspect. The energy performance of the building must be 25% better than required by Swedish building regulations.

Henrik Troedson says that the Swedish partner contacted Ruukki already before the design stage began and together they studied how the building could be built using Ruukki’s products.  

Ruukki delivery package comprised energy panels for the walls, customer-perforated steel rainscreen panels and lighting and the supports for the lighting which were installed on the reverse of the rainscreen panels.

“We chose Ruukki since they were able to provide both the panels and the rainscreen panels, which made our job easier. Ruukki even provided us with a detailed plan on how to install the panels,” added a grateful Henrik Troedson.

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